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We have a proven process for building and managing your Google Ad PPC campaign. First, we study the competition and do keyword research to determine what keyword searches have the most search volume for the product or service you provide. Or, if you are already running Google ads then we evaluate its performance and compare it to your competition. Once we have completed our detailed research of your market we present it to you and only launch it after we have your complete approval. We monitor it daily and give up updates weekly on its performance. Anytime you start a new ad campaign you want to cast your net wide and allow it time to have a chance for people to view and click it. After a few months, we can narrow or reach depending on who converts into a customer so that we can avoid people that are window shopping. But even from the start, we add certain words and phrases that block your ad from being seen. For example if someone is simply looking for a job in the field of your business. You wouldn’t want them to be displayed an add if you are looking for customers and not applicants.

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