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We are dedicated and passionate about lead generation. We are looking for hungry business owners looking to expand and grow their business. We succeed when you succeed. Are you using a Big SEO Company but not getting the results that you want? If your website isn’t at the top of page one when someone searches for your service in search engines. You need to fire your SEO company. We want to keep you as a customer for the long term. We get you to the top and keep you there to earn your business!

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Free Website Analysis

If you already have a site and are interested in learning how it ranks. Our Free Website Analysis will tell you exactly what keywords you rank for and what position you are in. As well as 2-3 actionable improvements you can take away to improve your sites rank. If you are interested please visit our Free website Analysis page.

Web Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly then you are missing out on approximately 99% of your target market. When we design a website for you, we ensure that it is optimized for every mobile device across all platforms. We create a site that is not only attractive but also provides outstanding user experience and most importantly, converts visitors into customers. If your website isn’t converting your visitors into customers then it is a complete waste of space on the internet. The websites that we design are not only highly engaging but also highly converting. When your website is completely optimized with keyword-rich content and provides an excellent customer experience then sales will follow. Search engines reward optimized websites with higher rankings and with the help of our knowledge and experience, your website will gather so many organic leads that your business will explode.

Expert Website Design Services
Expert Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

With the help of our expertise your website will receive a top ranking in the local business listings for your city. When a customer performs a search for businesses like yours in their local business services your business will show up. We have experience in getting sites to the top of Google ranking and Google local search. After all, if your site doesn’t come up in a local Google search, what is the point of having a web presence? The content of your website needs to contain certain keywords that are unique to your business and the services that you offer. It is important to carefully research keywords that best represent your site. The right, highly targeted keywords are what will set you apart from your competitors and help you to dominate your target market. We ensure that the structure of your website is easily crawl-able by search engines so that it is quickly and easily indexed. Links to your website are another important aspect that help to rank your site. Links help to better your website’s rank with search engines.

Ad Campaigns

We can help create and run PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Campaigns for your business. It is important to do extensive keyword research to make sure your ad shows up for the best keyword searches for your product or service. And also, to make sure it does not show up for people that are not looking to purchase your product or service. For example, you wouldn’t want your ad to appear if someone is looking for a job opportunity in the field of your business. Google PPC ads can be very expensive for those who are inexperienced and we do not recommend that you go it alone. We work together with business owners to help them dominate their market by researching unique keywords for PPC campaigns.

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GMB Verification and Optimization

Verifying your “Google my Business” listing has become tricky and time-consuming, waiting on a postcard that seems to never show up. With Lenox SEO Solutions, LLC, we can quickly help you get your listing verified and Optimized with pictures and keywords to help you get it ranked fast. Some businesses, like Service Companies, may not necessarily have a physical business location where they can verify their business and get listed in Google Maps. Other than their home, which may not be in the area they would ideally like to show up in google maps. We can help put you on the map even where you do not have a physical location!

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