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Our Lead Generation isn’t for every market. If you are interested in our Lead Generation Service, first you have to give us a call or reach out to us via email or our contact form above. Because our Lead Generation Service has a low start-up cost, we only offer this service to select business categories and cities based mainly on the competition in that market. If we access the competition and decide we can reasonably easily rank a website in a relatively short amount of time, then we will be very interested in putting in the initial investment into the build of the website and SEO. So that we can then Generate your business leads for a commission or flat rate. Many new businesses with not a lot of income to put into a website and SEO find this useful to get there phone ringing quickly with new customers. Also, this service is also great for larger businesses with a foundation built, but looking to expand into a new city that they aren’t currently getting many leads from.

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